Lawyer Lorenzo Gadon claims Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has wealth she did not declare in her SALN. This is part of the impeachment complaint  Gadon filed against Sereno before the Lower House. SALN Misdeclaration is also what got Sereno’s predecessor, Renato Corona impeached and ousted.

Gadon showed ABS-CBN and other media copies of Sereno’s SALNs from 2010 to 2016 and he shared his observations.

ABS-CBN Investigative and Research Group saw that based on the SALN’s supplied by Gadon,

Sereno declared a net worth of P24.25 million as of December 2016.Her declared total assets

amounted to P24.78 million while her total liabilities amounted to P533,739.20. On the average, her net worth increased by five percent annually during her six-year service in the Supreme Court. In a span of four years while she was Supreme Court Chief Justice, Sereno’s declared SALN increased by 35% from P18.03 million as declared in her entry SALN as of August 2012 to P24.25 million in 2016. The increase in her net worth can be attributed to the increase in her declared “investments.”.In 2016, her “investments” amounted to P8.36 million– six times higher than her P1.20 million investments in 2012. Majority (68%) of her total assets come from her personal properties (P16.83 M) while the rest (32%) were real properties she acquired in various years (P7.95 M), according to her SALN as of December 2016. Half of her personal properties were “investments” (50% or P8.36 M).  Another 13% or P2.17 M were her three vehicles acquired in various years. The rest were declared as cash in bank; appliances, computers, furnitures and fixtures, etc.; receivables; clothes, shoes, utensils, gadgets, others, etc.; books and jewelry; and stocks.

Sereno declared that she has been a “minor stockholder” in Manulife, PLDT, RFM/Swift,

Seaport, SUDECO, Uniwide, and Phil. Petrochemical Prod./Petrochem “before 2000” in all of her SALNs from 2010 to 2016. She also declared that she was a “minor stockholder” of Chemrez Tech from 2006 to 2008, according to her SALNs dated 2010 to 2013.

She also declared that she was a “minor stockholder” of Chemrez Tech from 2006 to 2008, according to her SALNs dated 2010 to 2013.

Gadon says Sereno failed to declare earnings from before she joined the judiciary. “ sa unang pagsusuri natin dito sa saln from 2010 to 2017 i have noticed that in so far as the real proeprties assets na nakadeclare all of these were acquired in years 2005 2003 19987 and 1997 youll also ntoice here that all the personal properties such as vehciles were purchased 2005 2002 1997 youll also notice that in all thesedeclarations of saln the cash in bank is only between 1M- 1.5M consistent pumapatak dito even the 15M she got which was involved in RTC mandaluyong not reflected here thats only 15M how about the totality of 37M wala wala dito.”

Gadon argued that SALN’s must be truthful and comprehensive and should have included Serenos earnings from when she handled the PIATCO case before she joined the judiciary. “ang SALN is take note this is a declaration of your total assets and liabilties even if you eran it during the time youre with the government or before it should be reflected here and if youll ntoice even the real properties which dates back to 1997 and 1998 dineclare niya theres no reason di siya magdeclare ng panibago these are beyond piatco case 1997 1998 sa succeeding years di nga nakareflect yung incerase in assets even in cash in bank kasi kung this is a struthful declaration ti shoudlr elfect also what she earned inpiatco  either in real properties or cash in bank”

In an interview on ANC, Gadon called on Sereno to resign her position. “If I were Sereno, I would just resign to avoid inconvenience. I have strong grounds and documents to prove.”

Gadon also insisted President Duterte has nothing to do with his complaint.”I have met Duterte in person 5 times and we never talked. But he has nothing to do with this.To begin with, I’m also lawyer and I can feel what the court employees and Sereno is really abusing her power, as related to me by friends in the judiciary. I can see where the problem lies and it lies with Sereno.”

Likewise Gadon insisted Former President Gloria Arroyo also had nothing to do with it.”I even avoided telling her, one time after she was released from detention, I was convincing her to file case against Morales. And you know, why? She told me, wag na Larry.It’s just that I can see the abuses of power of Sereno.When I was trying to convince GMA to file a case, she told me not to talk about it anymore. I told them that GMA is contemplating filing against so-and-so and she scolded me. There’s no plan at all, I was thinking she might stop me. “

Gadon said he did not ask Arroyo to endorse the complaint.

For Gadon, his strongest case against Sereno is her SALN. “The strongest ground is the SALN. They used that against Corona so I will use it also. In the SALN, she did not declare where the millions of pesos that was paid to her…I have the copies now of the SALN, the SC en banc granted my request. Very important development because I filed the request on a Thursday and then Tuesday they granted my request.”

Gadon added, “Since 2012 and from the 2010 saln, it did not move. Saan talaga napunta yung kinita niya? The properties reflected here were purchases in 2005, 2003…that was before the fees and consistent from 2010 to the present, these are all the properties she has declared. “

An endorser of the complaint,  COOP NATCCO Rep. Anthony Bravo defended his decision to endorse.”bigyan natin ng pagkakataon. di po yun desisyon ng partido., personal desisyon ko po yun naniniwala ako may basehan ayaw ko po double standard ang ating kongreso kung saan meron po tayong chief justice na naimpeach dahil sa parehas na alegasyon binabato sa ating chief justice.”

Like Gadon, Bravo believes there is a strong case against  Sereno on her SALN.”kung mapapatunayan na talaga pong sa saln ay may talagang mideclaration alam naman nating laat yun ang dailan kung bakit naimpeach po ang former chief justice corona.  other aspects yun na paguusapan sa probable cause.”

Atty Carlo Cruz, Sereno’s impeachment spokesperson said, “All of these things in your message will be addressed in the CJ’s answer to the complaint, RG. Wouldn’t be proper for me to preempt her counsel’s efforts. Hope you understand. Thanks. 😊