Lawmakers scrutinized the 900M peso budget of the PNP for Oplan Double Barrel in 2018 during the pre-plenary conference of the DILG and PNP for the budget deliberations next week.

Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos zarate pointed out that for 2018, PNP has 900M for Oplan Double Barrel on top of the Masamasid program which is worth 500M. Zarate asked the PNP to break down this amount. PNP Chief  for the Directorial Staff explained  that this amount of 900M is for travelling training  condidential, communication, professional services like any other Maintenance and other operating expenses and not for specific operations.

Zarate however points out it is a lump sum. Zarate then pressed PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa what the PNP is now doing after the death of Kian delos Santos. Dela Rosa told Zarate that they  constantly remind personnel to operate  properly  and that they will be held accountable for mistakes. dela Rosa also dispelled Zarate’s concern that the increase in the budget may mean an increase in the deaths in the war on drugs. dela Rosa pointed out that while 4 to 6 thousand died, 120 thousand were apprehended alive. dela rosa added they do not tolerate human rights abuses.

Zarate then pressed dela Rosa for the latest statistics on the war on drugs. Police Director Augusto Marquez reported data  july 1 2016 upto august 15 2017. Marquez said the total incidents  reported are 14855, with total number of  victims 15,339.  the number of incidents with motives to be drug related  stand at 2187 while the number of incidents with motives or circumstances to be non-drug related 3207. Marquez explained non drug related incidents include media killings, misudnerstandings, personal grudges, land disputes among others.

Marquez also reported incidents  motive still being ivestigated 9461 while the total number  of murder cases filed in court 4676 while the  total number of homicide cases filed in court 1104.  the total homicde cases not cleared 9075  which means under invetsigation or case buildup.

Muntinlupa Rep. Ruffy Biazon filed a bill advocating the wearing of body cameras for policemen when they go into operation so that there is a neutral witness to operations. dela Rosa supported the proposal and said that they have requested over  1B for the procurement of  37540 body cameras

Biazon also grilled the PNP over the 900M budget for OPLAN  Double Barrel. Marquez told him that the amout will be spent nationwide, with local police offices getting an average of an additional 7 to 10 thousand pesos  under the budget. that will go to 18 regional offices 80 provinces 21 city 1766 municipal and city police stations

The Internal Affairs Service is probing  3765  killed in drug related police operations. 75 policemen  also died. IAS however clarified that of the 1800  they are now being investigated,  750 cases filed against policemen for violation of procedures 2 have been dismissed from the service.

Lanao del Norte 1st district Rep, Khalid Dimaporo  quizzed DILG and PNP officials on the existence of narcolists. Cuy confirmed that there were narcolists issued in mid 2016, december 2016 and one as of august 2017 covering local elected executives , private individuals and other govt officials including military and police linked to illegal drugs. Cuy told Dimaporo that there is a continuing effort to validate the list. the lists were given to local peace and order councils for validation. Dimaporo warned Cuy that as the country approached the election period, the narcolist maybe used against politicians, asking them to make a more rigid validation of the list.