The House Minority remains non-committal to endorsing the impeachment against Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno  but says it will use the plenary deliberations on the 2018 budget to hold Sereno accountable.

House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez said, “ang sa budget hearing ireraise ko yung question ng undeclared SALN niya. and thats enough for us to defer budget. we are not going to give budget for the SC if youre not going to answer its a constitutional body..we cannot increase or decrease their mandated benefits btu we have a right to zero their budget. congress can allocate funds thats our job if we say you dont deserve it unless you reogranize we have that authority also.”

Suarez added, “we havent seen…wala pa sa akin, i will ask that question  matagal nang di binubuksan  yan yang issue na yan thats a very sensitive issue yung kaniyang kinita di niya dienclare ganiyan nangyari kay cj corona”

Buhay Party List Rep. Lito Atienza for his part revealed he has already added his signature to the endorsers of the impeachment complaint against Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista.”ive already endorsed it. Comelec i believe chairman andy can no longer be chairman, smartmatic should no longer be allowed to run Philippine elections they cannot even run their own elections in venezuela. the tetsimony of the wife is very very damning critical essential na sianbi niya yung perang inuuwi ni andy galing sa samartmatic. “

The complaint against Bautista had already been endorsed by representatives gwen garcia, harry roque and abraham tolentino.