The House of Representatives has approved on 3rd and final reading a bill mandating the installation of CCTV’s in public utlitity vehicles.

231 voted to approve the measure on 3rd reading Tuesday night. The Vote on 3rd reading is the final and binding vote of the House.

House Bill 6112 mandates the installation of CCTV and GPS trackers on public utilitiy vehciles. a minimum of 2 CCTV units shall be installed for every PUV. no operator maybe granted a certificate of public convenience or franchise without these requirements.

CCTV footage shall remain confidential but maybe used by the LTFRB or any court as evidence. law enforcement agencies may request for copies in the conduct of investigations. likewise, law enforcers may request for access to the GPS tracking records of PUV’s.

The bill imposes penalities of as much as 2M in fines and jailt time of as long as 3 years for violations.

in the same session, the House approved on 2nd reading bills banning expiry dates on gift cheques.

House Bill 6016 or an act regulating the issuance, use and redemption of gift cheques, gift certificates and gift cards was approved in an ayes and nayes vote on 2nd reading  Tuesday night.

Section 6 of the bill prohibits the issuance or sale of a gft check, gict certificate or gift card with an expiry fate. the imposition of an expiry date on the stored value, credit or balance shall likewise be unlawful.

gift checks, gift certificates or gift cards can only be refused if the recipient loses it or if it is mutiliated or defaces to no fault of the issuer.

Promotional sales activities, loyalty programs, warranties, return policies for cash purchases and discounts for senior citizens and persons with disabilitiy as provided for under relevant laws and rules and regulations, shall apply likewise to purchases of goods and services that are paid with gift check, gift certificate and gift card.

penaltlies for violations of the law include a fine of 500 thousand pesos to 1M and jail time of 1 year to 5 years.