Opposition Congressman, Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman wants to know just how much and what are the conditions for the return of the Marcos wealth to state coffers.

Reacting to President Duterte’s disclosure that the Marcoses are planning to return the allegedly ill-gotten wealth, Lagman said, : There is need for a categorical statement from the Marcos heirs confirming President Duterte’s report that the Marcoses are willing to surrender a part of the Marcos’ ill-gotten hoard.”

Lagman insists that The confirmatory statement must include the following:


1.    The specification of the denominations of the amounts and identification of the items to be returned;


2.    The persons or parties in possession of the hidden wealth to be conveyed to the government;


3.    The respective locations of the amounts and items to be surrendered;


4.    Estimated amount of what is earmarked to be returned;


5.    Time frame for the turnover;


6.    The duly authorized representative of the Marcos family; and


7.    Any conditionality for the voluntary partial surrender.


The Marcos camp has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez tells the Marcoses that if they are return the allegedly stolen wealth, they have to return everything.

Alvarez told reporters after President Duterte revealed the Marcoses may return the money, “magandang development yan pero sana yung wag sana yung kapraso lang sana yung buo na“.

Alvarez however concedes the true value of the alleged ill gotten wealth has not been determined.  “yun nga problema ng PCGG hanggang ngayon eh  dang dami pa ring kasong walang nangyayari kaya nga merong proposal to abolish PCGG in fact ako in favor ako diyan in fact  nagfile rin ako ng bill yung PCGG gawin nang  sa ilalim ng office of the solicitor general para may mangyari naman”

Alvarez is open to a congressional probe to ascertain the amount of wealth the Marcoses allegedly stole in their 20 years in power. “tignan natin siguro pagka medyo maluwag na kamis a HoR baka pwedeng pagtuunan natin ng pansin yan”