3 Congressmen have endorsed an impeachment complaint against Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista at the House of representatives.

Deputy Speaker Gwen Garcia, Kabayan party List rep. Harry Roque and Cavite rep. Abraham Tolentino endorsed the complaint filed by  lawyers Ferdinand Topacio and Jacinto Paras who were assisted by Manuelito Luna.

Their grounds: Betrayal of Public trust for failing to prevent the hacking of the Comelec website before the 2016 elections, known as “Comeleaks.”; Betrayal of Public Trust for the  “script tweak” in the canvassing of the Comelec during the 2016 elections;  betrayal of public trust for allegedly misdeclaring his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth, including the revelations of estranged wife Patricia over his alleged ill-gotten wealth as well his acceptance of referral fees from Smartmatic through the Divina Law Office.

Roque said, “ naisampa na po ngayon yung impeachment complaint laban kay Comelec Chair  Andres Bautista at ito poy inendorso ng 3 congresista congw gwen garcia, cong bambol tolentino at ng inyong abang lingkod 5 po grounds for  impeachment pero sa aking personal po ang pinakaimportante syempre  yung mga isyu na siniwalat ng kaniyang asawa na si patricia ito nga po yung hindi makatotoong SALN at yung unexplained na pag increase ng assets ni chairman bautista  at yun pang amin niya na siya tumanggap ng referral fee galing sa smartmatic na pinakamalaking kontratista ng comelec. nandito po nakaappend yung affidavit ni Tish bautista and Tish bautista  is of course has eprsonal knowledge sa kaniyang mga isinwalat”

Roque added, “i wouldnt have endorsed it  without the assurance from mrs bautista that on the hearings she will  appear and attest to the truthfulness of his affidavit and bring all the dpcumentary evdience she mentioned in her complaitn affidavit.”

Garcia said, “i join cong harry roque and  cong tolentino in endorsing the impeachment complaint kasi first of all ang dami dami nang haka haka  ang dami dami nang tanong ng taongbayan after the revelation of patricia bautista as regards medyong malaking accumulated wealth as evidence by the passbooks na pinakita personally i have always ahd my serious doubts about the automated voting system and i think this is the right time to see and to check on the veracity s well as the credibility of the automated voting system as evidenced by the very very controversial happenning nauna yung nagawa or hindi nagawa ni chairman bautista under hisw atch as comelec chief you ask about bakit malaking discrepancy between his declared assets and wealth in the saln and the hundreds of millions that are now deposited at the LDB.”

Tolentino said, “for me inendorse ko rin po ito for him to give him the opportunity to  refute to clear his name ganun lang po”

Paras explained , “well the 2 major grounds are basically the ones which evolve on the unexplained wealth doon pa lang sa SALN ni chairman bautusta highlyq uestionnable for him to acquire so much property pero inuutang lang po niya as to the question of how he will pay those di po nakikita sa aln which udner the rules the guidelines he should be truthfully compeley disclose his property his assets dun sa  liability lagi niya siansabi personal loan eh personal loan sasabihin mo kung sino inuutangan mo wala rin doon sa saln.”

Paras added, “meron pa kaming isang ground yung unexplained wealth doon naman sa nireveal ng kaniyang maybahay this beyond domestic. quarrel kasi blessing in disguise that because of that we were able to find out nalaman natin very mind boggling yung pagcaccumulate ng wealth from baseco pcgg upto the point he is now chairman

what is very fatal he took money from smartmatic through divina law office”

Paras also said, “betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the constitution for his failure to be truthful with his SALN…. on the other hand yung isang ground his failure to include these assets which was revealed by his wife in his SALN”

Paras also said, “aside from the SALN if you recall there was  abig event which was the hacking of the comeleaks and  yes betrayal of public trust because it delves on his competence as head of agency this is not from our own determination it was a determination by the National privacy commission which determined probable cause against chairman bautista for his lackadaisical attiude for dealing with the problem”

Paras liekwise said, “the last one is also with regards to the script tweak if you rememebr candidate bongbong marcos has raised this issue after he raised that issue lumalabas pinagtatakpan ni chairman bautista o thats mere cosmetic  the congressman jonathan dela cruz filed a case and the DOJ has given due course  and established probable cause against smartmatic”

Luna explained, “there are 5 because we have alleged that  there is unexplained acquisition of ill gotten wealth this  a spearate ground of graft and corruption and theres a receipt of referral fees which is tantamount to betrayal of public and trust and graft and corruption and bribery we have 5 grounds….we have certified copies of documents we have hurdled the requirement of personal knowledge our complaint is not anchored solely on the disclosures of Mrs patricia Bautista we have anchored our complaint mainly on the certified documents issued by the National privacy Commission, the office of the Ombudsman  and as well as our documents filed with the NBI we  script changes theres probable cause in so far as the doj is concerned the doj has indicted smartmatic personnel led by marlon garcia and some comelec IT specialists

mga passbooks at the proper time they will be testifed upon and subpoena maybe issued by the House.”

now that it has been filed and endorsed, the complaint will be endorsed to the Justice Committee which will then test the complaint for sufficiency of form and substance.

Under House rules, A verified complaint for impeachment by a Member of the House or by any citizen upon a resolution of endorsement by any Member that  shall be filed with the office of the Secretary General shall be  immediately referred to the Speaker. The Speaker shall have it included in the Order of Business within ten (10) session days from receipt. It shall then be referred to the Committee on Justice within three (3) session days thereafter.

Topacio jokingly brandished a whip that is supposedly a replica of the one Bautista is rumored to own