Bangsamoro Transition Commission Chair and MILF chief negotiator Mohager Iqbal calls on legislators to pass the resubmitted proposal for a bangsamoro basic law as submitted by the panel.

Speaking at the book launch on the peace process, Iqbal said, “we urge our honorable legislators to pass the proposed bangsamoro basic law submitted by the BTC as it is formed that is reflective of the true aspirations of the bangsamoro people any other proposed bill, like or similar or lesser than RA 9054…is a violation of the agreements of the parties.”

Iqbal also told congressmen present during the book launch at the Batasan Pambansa, “allow me to reiterate and stress that the delivery of this law is the sole responsibility of government. i appeal to our distinguished legislators  who are present today to look at the bangsamoro problem as a political and not purely legal issue. the constitution is a political dpocument so the implementation or interpretation is not strictly legal but political…we ask that our  honorable legislators go by what will achieve peace and what will achieve the purpose of justice “

while Iqbal did not outrightly call for constitutional change to accomodate the BBL, Iqbal did say that the Constitution is a political document.  “ so the interpretation is not strictly legal but political. many if not most of the provisions in the expanded BTC’s submitted BBL are actually in the CAB (Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro), which is an agreement signed between the GPH and the MILF.

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, in remarks delivered on his behalf by Deputy Speaker Bai Sandra Sema, announced that Congress will soon tackle the BBL. “On the part of the House of Representatives, we will  do our part to help find peace in Mindanao. “

Alvarez stressed that it is imperatuve that Filipino muslims and christian unite amid a new threat coming from islamist militants, espousing an extremist and violent ideology radically different from islam’s tenets of peace and brotherhood.

The book launch was “ Beyond Peace Tables, Reflection on the GPH-MILf peace Process, “ a book authored by the late Dato Tengu Ab Ghafar, who was a former Malaysian facilitator in the peace process.  the book highlights the principles behind the CAB, the journey of the peace process, the intricate dynamics of the peace negotiations and invaluable insights on the implementation phase.

The BBL was transmitted to the House last week though it has not been filed officially.