For Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III  only Congress can abolish “endo” or labor only contractualization. “that can happen if there are proposed bills pending in congress which prohibits totally all forms of contractualization”

Bello says currently, labor only contractualization is allowed for certian circumstances. “oo kasi udner the law yung contractual arrangement is allowed like for example in the case of security guards the law allows employers to hire from service providers so with janitorial servcies the law allows the employer to hire from service providers under present laws di wpedeng prohbit contractual arrangement totally”

Bello’s Department Order 174 had come under fire for failing to end “endo” which is a campaign promise of the president.”DO 174 provides for a  framework that contractualization is prohibited excep except for security agencies janitorial servceis project based employees or workers and seasonal workers”

Bello explains, “yung security guard kasi when youre in business you dont hire regular guards because they do not their services is not directly comected to your business halimbawa business is restaurant hindi core business yung kanila you can hire them from service providers. there’s a law allowing that you can farm out or hire from servcie providers security guards and janitorial servcies”

Bello added, “halimbawa project absed workers for example youre an a contractor you have regular employees but when youre in reciept of an roder to construct 100 townhomes you need additional workers these workers you can hrie from the servcie provideers if you hrie them as regualr eployees after the project si done what will you do with them”

The deliberation for the Budget of Bello’s agency  at the Appropriations Committee was terminated today, paving the way for its submission to the plenary of the Lower House.