The 2 Philippine News Agency employees behind the erroneous uploading of the logo of Pineapple company DOLE Philippines to accompany a press release of the department of labor and empoloyment surfaced at the budget hearing of the PCOO at the House Appropriations Committee.

upon questionning by Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone , a former journalist and the last to interpellate during that agency’s budget presentation, PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar presented Joseph Paligutan, who was introduced as a retriever, and Lillibeth Ison , longtime editor for the PNA.

in his answer to Evardone’s question. Paligutan explained that as a retriever, he accepts stories and press releases and uploads these to the system for the approval of an editor. Paligutan confirms he got the image from google since they did not have a logo for DOLE. Paligutan maintained it is the editor’s job to approve for publishing the material he sends. Paligutan admits he got the wrong logo..

Ison for her part said she has been a jouirnalist for about 30 years already, and this is her first lapse which she attributed to a problem accessing the system, which prevented her from immediately seeing accompanying pictures.

The employees   will undergo retraining aside from facing the maximum penalties.

This was revealed by Communications Secretary Martin Andanar who supervises the agency.

Andanar concedes the incident was an embarassment even as he noted that PNA now has the attention and readership it did not have before.

Andanar told lawmakers of the House Appropriations Committee during his agency’s budget hearing that the DOLE logo was sourced from google and the editor approved its publication without double checking.

the 2 employees are now the subject of a show cause order, while the employee behind the publication of a xinhua news commentary as a news article has also been given a show cause order. Another employees behind an erroneous post on regarding DILG Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing’s account of DFA Sec. Alan Cayetano’s appearance at the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights.

Andanar says that he has created an editorial board at the PNA to prevent future lapses like these.“kami marami po kaming ahensiya na pinapatakbo so this is extra effort for us”

Andanar isnt keen on removing these personnel yet since he has to observe due process. “meron pong nanawagan na tanggalin sila..pero emron po tayong sinusunod na batas merong civil srevcie code susundin po natin ang prueseso kailangan din natin silang bigyan ng retraining kailagan din natin guamwa ng hakbang para di na ito maulit

ayokong preempt pero yung maximum penalty na wpedeng ipataw sa 3 nagkasala ay ipaptaw natin first of all suspension tignan natin”

Andanar says PNA personnel are already undergoing training, adding that the erring personnel are not really new. “editorial training exposure sa ibang news agencies ibang TV station almost 2 weeks training dito rin po sa atin gumawa tayo ng training di tayo nagkulang sa training

i gues meron talagang nagkakamali nakita naman natin ia sa editors more than 30 years isa more than 40 years na sila po dinatnan natin wala po tayong tinanggal sa kanila

we have to respect di po baguhan yung isa  isa more than 20 years isa more than 30 yearsa isa more than 40 years”

Andanar meantime says that the department order allowing the accreditation of bloggers so they can cover presidential engagements is not final.”yung mga suggestion po ni cong brosas ay well take kaya nga dept order 15 ay isang interi, social media policy ibig sabihin for the intervening time. we are open to changes  and suggestions it is not a perfect department order”

Earlier in the hearing, Andanar was also grilled by gabriela party list rep. arlene brosas over the accreditation of bloggers and netizens for presidential coverage access.

Brosas said that  UN and international agencies, governmental offices in other countries, international shows and events, and even the most amateur domestic event organizer all have better and commonsensical guidelines. Generally, the guidelines include:

1. Clear interest and track record in the official/event/activity to be covered.

2. Experience. Media companies operating for at least six months with at least 20,000 visitors per month.

3. Traffic data, with unique and organic visitors

Brosas also cited the UN new media requirements:

A. The website must belong to a recognized media organization and have a specific, verifiable address and a telephone number.

B. The website must have at least 60% original news content or commentary or analysis,

C. Media representatives are required to submit recent two by-lined articles posted on the website.

D. The website must be regularly updated

Brosas said the PCOO guideline on bloggers accreditation in its current form is vulnerable to abuse and puts the President’s security at risk.

Andanar however assured Brosas that the guidelines he issued are not yet cast in stone.

The PCOO is seeking a budget of 1.37B for 2018 of 1.63% lower than the 2017 budget.

Before this the Appropriations Committee terminated the budget deliberations of the Commission on Audit with little fanfare. Previously terminated were the budget deliberations for Dept of Agrarian Reform, Commission on Human Rights, TheJudiciary, Civil Service Commission, Dept of Trade & Industry, Dept of Tourism, Dept of Social welfare & Development, Commission on Higher Education, Dept of Health,Dept of National Defense while the deliberations for the budgets of Deferred – Dept. Of Agriculture DA , and Dept. Of Information and Communication technology DICT are pending.