Former Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo’s congressional allies have slammed the Commission on Appointments rejection of her appointment.

Anakpawis party-list Rep. Ariel Casilao today said “The rejection of Sec Taguiwalo only shows that the interest of patronage politics and corruption prevails. Those who are opposing her confirmation clearly are against pro-people reforms in the department”,


Casilao laments that many Duterte appointees whom are members of powerful political clans and former army officials have been swiftly confirmed, while on the other hand progressive cabinet members experienced the opposite.


“We are hoping that the next DSWD secretary should continue the reforms in which Sec. Taguiwalo had started, promoting pro-people reforms, timely concern to the welfare of the poor and untainted by corruption style of work. It would be a waste if this reforms will not be kept”, Casilao concluded

Kabayan Party List Rep. Harry Roque said, “Such a loss for the country! She was amongst the most honest , hard working and  competent member of the Cabinet!”

Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate said,  “The Duterte administration will be losing a very competent and dedicated DSWD secretary with this rejection and the majority of the people catered to by the DSWD would be the ones to suffer,”

“Kung competence at integrity lang ang pamantayan para maconfirm ng CA ay matagal ng naconfirm si Sec. Judy pero mukhang may ibang gusto pa ang mga miyembro ng CA,” added the Davao-based solon.

“Di dapat ganito ang pamamalakad na yung mga gustong-gustong bombahin o patayin ang mga mamamayan ay confirmed agad pero yung mga tunay na naglilingkod sa bayan ay nirereject,” opined Rep.Zarate.

“Talo ang mahihirap at mamamayan sa nangyari at tuwang-tuwa ang mga ganid sa pork barrel , mga neoliberal economic managers at militaristang maka-US sa pagkareject kay Mam Judy,” he added.

“Malaki ang dapat punuan ng ipapalit kay Sec. Judy sa DSWD dahil sa pinakita niyang husay at integridad sa opisina. It seems that she is too good and straight for the CA,” ended Rep.Zarate.

Kabataan Party List expressed  utmost condemnation of the effective removal of  Taguiwalo.

“It was, however, nothing short of expected. Duterte has turned its back on his promises of significant reforms and change to the Filipino people, long since they have turned out to be empty rhetoric. Sec Judy’s removal is a victory for the corrupt bureaucracy, neoliberals in the regime, and the de facto military junta and their US masters.”

Kabataan says  Duterte could have easily swayed his supermajority in the Senate and Congress to push for her confirmation. But alas, instead of confirming Taguiwalo, he just confirmed his puppetry to the US and its head operatives in the country.

For Kabataan,  Sec Judy’s defiance of pork barrel, bureaucrat capitalism, and patronage politics, as well as her stance to directly deliver social services to the people, have earned the ire of the Senate and Congress majority who wish to milk the DSWD’s funds for themselves. Despite her position in the Duterte cabinet, she has openly condemned Duterte’s anti-people policies, especially the regime’s martial law. Sec Judy has vehemently pushed for the progress of the peace talks, as a venue for significant social reforms.

Kabataan added, “Her removal will signify the return of the DSWD’s nature to fuel the neoliberal framework, through dole-outs and programs funded from foreign aid and debt. These programs are set to also serve counterinsurgency programs in the rural areas.

Gabriela Women’s Party  said, “The CA once more shamefully reveals its bias against the poor in rejecting Taguiwalo, consequently putting an end to the competent, honest and efficient service that Taguiwalo has offered to the people during her stint.
And while those who supported Taguiwalo’s appointment stood to manifest in her favor, many members of the CA chose to hide behind the rule of voting with a secret ballot. We challenge them to reveal their votes and their reasons for rejecting Taguiwalo. “
Gabriela added,  “She has stood against using the DSWD for political patronage, barring pork-hungry officials from gaining full access to DSWD funds and ensuring that services and relief are delivered to those who truly need them. Judy Taguiwalo stood by her principles against corruption, Martial Law and against the militarist and neoliberal policy direction of the Duterte government and clearly, it is those who would like to sustain such corrupt and anti-people policies that stand to gain from the CA’s decision.”
For Gabriela, The Duterte government and the people have lost a stellar and exemplary public servant in letting her go. Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, a staunch defender of women and people’s rights, has indeed served the people well.