The Department of Information and Communication Technology is aiming to replicate across the country the fast internet speeds being experienced in its Free Wi-Fi project on EDSA.

in a presentation to the House Appropriations Committee, the DICT, the average download speed was 156 MBPS while the average upload speed is 135.8 MBPS. The highest recorded download speed was 325.48 MBPS and the highest upload speed was 310.57 MBPS. an average of 52% of the 1.15M Filipinos taking EDSA daily connect to the free wifi profect.

DICT Secretary Rodolfo Salalima said, “ nangyari sa EDSA is better than the global or world standard itong ginawa natin dito gagawin sa pilipinas but we need more time, we need more infrastructure”

A total of 712 free Wifi sites have been established nationwide as of August 8, 2017.

The DICT is seeking 6.8B for its over=all agency budget in 2018.

aside from these, the DICT also told lawmakers that for the full year 2016, a total of 3951 complaints for cybercrime and cyber related offenses were received.

Appropriations Committee Chair Karlo Nograles however notes that the agency’s utilization of the current budget is low—meaning it appears to be underspending.

Nograles said, “being a new dept baka napakalaki naman siguro ang bibinigay namin sa inyo tapos hindi namna ma-absorb Yung last year hindi pa nga naubos…

May hinahanap po akong pondo para sa educ act, what will I do with that, I susupplemental k na lang tpaos bigay sa free education Were looking at utilization rate, unobligated, unspent, now we are seeing number shere, puro increase There’s really a problem when it comes to your absorptive capacity.”Salalima however said, “Undertutulization must also be measured vis a vis what we have accomplished so far.” Salalima had earlier presented and reiterated the achievements of his agency last year.