lawmakers now have to ponder import broker mark taguba’s testimonies  naming invidivuals he allegedly bribed to ensure the release of container vans from customs without inspections after he admitted it’s possible that their names were just name dropped.

House Ways and Means Committee Chair Dakila Carlo Cua told media a day after the hearing of the Committee on Dangerous Drugs yesterday that “  Dapat nating pag-aralang mabuti ang nilalaman ng pagbawi niya. Dapat matanong si Mark, malaman natin detalye nito, kasi kung hindi ako nagkakamali sinabi din niya na ang dali-daling mag name drop, so hindi naman yan conclusive.”

Upon questionning by lawmakers close to the end of a 12 hour long hearing last night, Taguba clarified he never met Import Assessment Service Director Milo Maestrecampo, whom he earlier tagged as one of those he bribed.

asked if the changes can be basis to revoke the legislative immunity granted to Taguba, Cua said, “We need to revew his statements kasi may konting inconsistencies, mukha  kasi nagbabago ang isip, of course I don’t want to cast judgment hindi naman ako expert,  if we discover if he is being inconsistent that is a ground to revoke. Sya ask natin kung naiintindihan niya, I cannot speak for himself,  ang napansin lko lang mga amount iba-iba.”

During the hearing, Taguba also revealed that a “davao group” which included a “vice mayor” was part of the smuggling. Taguba said this “davao group” was the way for Taguba to meet a “tita nani” who is also one of those being bribed. Taguba said, “”May sinasabi po silang davao group. Ang pagkakaintindi ko po vice mayor… Tsismis lang naman yun, baka nagnenamedrop lang naman yun.” Other supposed members in the “ Davao group” is one “jack: and one “small”

Taguba concedes it’s possible that power names are just being name dropped. Taguba clarifies he never met the “vice mayor.”

Davao City Vice Mayor and Presidential Son Paolo Duterte was never mentioned in the hearing. Cua was asked if Vice Mayor Duterte would be invited. Cua said, “That depends on the statement of Mark next time, if he believes we should or not.”

Cua’s Ways and Means committee will investigate the matter again Wednesday.  Monday’s hearing was led by the Dangerous Drugs Committee led by Cong. Ace Barbers.

Cua looks forward to hearing the testimonies of other names mentioned. “Marami pang hindi natatanong eh nandiyan pa si Richard chen, Kenneth dong,  and there seems to be a new person that link richerd and Kenneth a certain mr lee. We also invited him And may revelation na may isa pang chris bolastik form the offie of the commissioner that tries to convince the mark to pay the tara.  That is a very serious allegation. Nagpa invite nap o tayo.”