Commission on Elections Chairman Andres Bautista will face the House of Representatives next week amid allegations of ill gotten wealth.

Bautista is expected to attend the hearing of the House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms on August 14 to discuss the postponement of the 2017 barangay elections.

Congressmen decided in an all-member caucus Monday to postpone the election to May 2018.

However Chairman Sherwin Tugna also points out that the committee hearing will be a good opportunity to have Bautista answer allegations linking the ill gotten wealth to the 2016 elections

Tugna said, “well syempre ang jursidiction falls in our committee i was redaing the papers also tintignan ko yung mga eallegations and his answers mahalaga lang amsagot niya ng maayos syemrpe essence ngde mocracy natin rests in our elections and if its integrity is clouded with these issues and this is unresolved di rin maganda for our society maganda na masagot ito we will give him due process i believe on monday august 14 that is a good opportunity also para masagot  ito ni chair bautista i believe yung araw na yun is about psotpnpement and holdover of the barangay eletcions pero i believe mas marami yung time na maallot sa issue on hand”

Tugna dismissed as premature calls for Bautista to quit his post. “ano naman unfair din yun na syempre basic in our system of govt democracy there should be due process that is the right to be herad before you judge a quetsion kailangan mapakinggan napakaraming forum para siya magsalita maganda rin yan next week in the HoR masagot yung alegasyon laban sa kaniya”

Kabayan Party List Rep. Harry Roque has filed a resolution seeking a congressional investigation. Tugna however says that is upto the committee. “well by virtue of the office while he hearing the psiotponement and holdover of brgy officials that will be tackled as chairman of the cmte on suffrage im entitled to one vote. we will decide on that”

Tugna however also reminded the congressmen of the reminder of House Majority Leader Rodolfo Farinas, “na since si Chairman Bautistais a an imepahcable officer any and all inquiry ina id of elsgialtion tungkolsa allegations is subservient to the impeachment proceedings sakaling magka impeachment proceedings here in the HoR. “

Bautista  has alreday denied the allegations of his estranged wife and insisted that the fincancial documents used to alleged ill gotten wealth are fake.

Farinas wants to avoid redundancies should the House investigate the alleged ill acquired wealth of Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista.

Farinas points out Bautista is an impeachable official, when his comment was sought on Kabayan Rep. Harry Roque’s resolution seeking a probe of the alleged wealth.

“The House probes or investigates impeachable officials through the process of Impeachment. Any other proceeding would result to redundancy, as any finding thereof would only be recommendatory. If it finds sufficient ground to proceed against such official, it would resort to impeachment proceedings. On the other hand, even if exonerates such official, the House Committee on Justice will not be bound by it as it is the only Committee empowered by the Constitution to do so. The same holds true for any other entity for that matter. “

Under the 1987 Constitution, the President, Vice President, Members of the Supreme Court, Constitutional Commissions and the Ombudsman may only be held accountable through impeachment. A Valid impeachment complaint has to be initiated at the Lower House and should it have the backing of at least 1/3 of the members of the chamber, it will be tried at the Senate. should 2/3 of the senators find the official guilty, the official will be ousted from office.

Bautista’s alleged ill gotten wealth was exposed by his estranged wife in what has now become a public and messy separation.