House Majority Leader Rodolfo Farinas notes an improvement in the productivity of the plenary session’s of the Lower House since the leadership began implementation of the lock out rule during the roll call.

Effective July 25, the doors of the session hall were locked to congressmen during the roll call at the start of the session. Those who miss the roll call will be marked absent.

Farinas points out that the rule has resulted in congressmen coming in early,  finishing more legislative work and ending sessions early. “oo naman we get to go home earlier very productive like during the 1st day last tuesday we approved several bills on 3rd erading right after the roll call reference o business nag approve na kami on 3rd reading”

Farinas says previously, the tardiness of congressmen prevented them from being efficient. “it was a problem because we had to wait till 5 o clock in the afternoon sometimes when the minority is on guard particularly rep atienza sometimes when we take up matters he questions why are we discussing this without enough warm bodies if we had done this earlier during the death penalty di sana mas maraming debate.”

Farinas notes that on the first week of the lock out rule, more then 200 congressmen attended the session. “first roll call  day was tuesday we had 233 the following day was 240 plus siguradong may quorum na naman dahil nagiging habit na rin sa members  dumarating..disiplina pag nagusapusap everybody follows….”