The House of Representatives scored majority approval  and trust ratings though House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez failed to secure majority public support in the latest Pulse Asia Survey.

The House of Representatives (55%), the Supreme Court (58%), and the Senate (59%) score majority approval ratings in June 2017. These key government institutions also record essentially the same indecision figures (30% to 34%) and disapproval ratings (10% to 12%). There are no notable changes in the performance ratings of these entities between March and June 2017, both at the national level and across geographic areas and socio-economic groupings. the House of Representatives has majority approval scores in most geographic areas and all socio-economic classes). In both cases the exception is the rest of Luzon where 48% and 50% of the residents appreciate the work done by the House of Representatives.

Similarly, these government institutions enjoy the trust of most Filipinos – the House of Representatives (52%), the Supreme Court (56%), and the Senate (57%). Around the same percentages of Filipinos cannot say if they trust or distrust these entities (34% to 39%) while they record nearly the same distrust figures (8% to 10%). (Please refer to Table 9.) Trust is the prevailing sentiment toward the Senate and the Supreme Court in most geographic areas (58% to 74% and 57% to 65%, respectively) and every socio-economic class (53% to 63% and 54% to 61%, respectively). In the rest of Luzon, almost the same trust and indecision figures are recorded not only by the Senate (47% versus 43%) and the Supreme Court (49% versus 38%) but also by the Lower House (44% versus 46%). The latter also has virtually the same trust and indecision ratings in the Visayas (49% versus 47%). In contrast, most Metro Manilans (55%), Mindanawons (71%), and those in Classes D and E (51% and 60%, respectively) express trust in the House of Representatives.

However,  House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez registered Practically the same approval and indecision ratings.  Ambivalence toward their performance is most marked toward House Speaker Alvarez (38%). 41% of Filipinos either trust House Speaker Alvarez or are ambivalent.

Alvarez has been controversial for his remarks and threats against government officials ranging from Vice-President Leni Robredo, to Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno to justices of the Court of Appeals handling the case of the Ilocos 6 to his spat with former friend, Davao del Norte 2nd district Rep. Antonio Tonyboy Floirendo Jr.

House Deputy Speaker Gwen Garcia however credits Alvarez for the work of the Lower House.

“we have had a breath of dresh air the dynamic leadership of speaker pantaleon alvarez. it is perhaps  you members of the media are aware how early the speaker arrives in the House of representatives one time arriving even before his office is open he partcipates actively in committee hearings because of that now you can now see a signficant religious attendance of members in committee hearings  because the speaker himself as well as the majority leader farinas are present in these hearings. he has also encouraged congressmen not to request for travel authority during session days. and although he allows travel on days that have no session.  such a policy has been strictly complied with by all members of the House.”

The survey fieldwork was conducted from June 24 – 29, 2017 using face-to- face interviews on a sample of 1,200 representative adults 18 years old and above. It has a ± 3% error margin at the 95% confidence level.