House Leaders expect the postponement of the 2017 barangay elections as well as the extension of the martial law declaration over Mindanao to be among President duterte’s requests to congress during his 2nd state of the nation address.

House Deputy Speaker Fredenil Castro appeared to have laid down the groundwork for the extension of martial law. under the 1987 constitution, the president can declare martial law for only 60 days. Congress will have to give its consent if there is any extension. Castro says lawmakers will extend martial law if it is shown that the goals of the original declaration have yet to be achieved. “hindi ngangahulugan na medyo kokonti na lang ang putukan sa marawi ay  martial law has already achieved its purpose because its not only a question of trying to declare martial law martial law has to achieve its purpose kung hindi pa nakakamit ng ML ang kung bakit ito ay dineklara maari at ang posibilidad nay malakas na ito ay extend pa o hihingi pa ang malakaniyang o ang pangulo ng extension para lang matapos ang dahilan kung bakit dineklara ang ML”

Castro explained further. “one of this is in ML all tenatcles of rebellion has to be dismantled 2nd in ml lawlessness has to be stopped #3 peace and order has to be restored unles showever that all these things shall have been accomplished then ML may still be continued upon the request of the president. i can only surmise that lawmakers are out there to support the presidnet’s request. if they supprted the prolcmataion of Ml and the basis for the proclamation is still there…i do not see of any erason why the senate and HoR will withold its support for the extension”

Lawmakers however skirted the question of limiting the declaration to Lanao or picking a time limit.  castro  said “when we speak of Ml you do not declare Ml only within the territory where there is an actual shooting youll have to cover all territories which may possibly support the hostilities if there is a need to cout off supply to cut off support…thats why Ml has to be proclaimed and maintaiend within the whole of ML”

House Deputy Speaker Gwen  Garcia added, “the president ahs access to all information which many of us may not be privy to. siya ang commander in chief.”

Previously House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, House Majority Leader Rodolfo Farinas and Former President, now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo  already voiced extension for the declaration on Mindanao.

Garcia said they are also expecting a long sona that will be well received by congressmen,“ based on pronouncements we maybe expecting im  speculating a request for the postponement of the baranagay elections perhaps maybe expecting according to (communications secretary ) martin andanar a longer sona and perhaps we will be expecting a sona that will be very well received by the HOR you are very much aware of the strong support that the president enjoys amongst the members of the HoR. i only mentioned the barangay elections because that is the issue that has been amplified in recent days.”