The House of Representatives has yet to make public the summaries of the statements of assets, liabilities and net worth of  incumbent congressmen, almost 3 months past the deadline for government officials to make their mandatory disclosures for the year 2016.

under  Republic Act  6713 or the code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials, – All public officials and employees, except those who serve in an honorary capacity, laborers and casual or temporary workers, shall file under oath their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth and a Disclosure of Business Interests and Financial Connections and those of their spouses and unmarried children under eighteen (18) years of age living in their households.

The Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth and the Disclosure of Business Interests and Financial Connections shall be filed by: (2) Senators and Congressmen, with the Secretaries of the Senate and the House of Representatives, respectively.

the same law mandates that this be made available to news media. “ It shall be unlawful for any person to obtain or use any statement filed under this Act for: any commercial purpose other than by news and communications media for dissemination to the general public.”The yearly deadline is April 30. Historically, the House has not ben releasing actual SALN’s but has been posting summaries of the SALN’s on its websites.

This year, the House created a SALN review committe, chaired by Rep. Rey Umali. Umali explained the delay, “SALN were just waiting for the adoption of the rules we included it in the agenda but then di kami magkasundo di ako makaobtain ng majority for its approval and so because of that we have to give it back get more inputs”

Umali explains that the number of requests for SALN’s is complicating their release of the SALN summaries. “ang contentious are marami nang request for SALN of individuals i do not know how to deal with with but what im telling you is the request not for summaries only but for individual SALN. walang isyu ako lang sinabi ko lang sa committee thats why im asking them lets please adopt this soonest”

Umali added, “for example siguro si leni merong request for SALN ni leni she is no longer a mener of congress now may jursidiction ba kami? eto yung mga issues?”

Umali says he is looking to adopt the rules of the Supreme Court for the SALN’s of the Justices of the Court for the SALN’s of congressmen. “what the chair did was that i asked the secretariat the comsec to look and obtain of a copy of the rules of the SC so that sabi kong there is nothing offensive -iadopt na lang natin mas madali pag kinwestyon nila papaano kukuwestyunin yung sarili niyong rules we want the rules consistent with the law we want the rules consistent with SC rules in all likelihood irerelease natin.”

Umali clarified all congressmen have submitted their SALN’s.

ABS-CBN filed its request for SALN summaries and individual SALN’s of congressmen earlier this year.  House Secretary General Cesar Pareja  told ABS-CBN in a letter dated June 6  that the SALN’s as well as attendance records of the congressmen are being prepared and  finalized for publication on the House website.