Archbishop Oscar Cruz  tuned the tables on House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez for his proposals for bills on the dissolution of marriage, civil unions and the total separation of property for married couples.

Cruz says that after the very public feud last April that led to Alvarez admitting he has a girlfriend outside his marriage, the proposals of the speaker regarding marriage become harder to udnerstand. “but ito nga he comes up with all these hullabalooo about marriage medyo nahihirapan ako unawain siya pagkat kung saan saan papunta kaniyang kaisipan

Cruz talks about discomfort about the matters that have involved the Speaker in recent times like his extra-marital affair. back in April. Alvarez admitted he had another relationship  amid an ugly public feud with former friend Davao del Norte 2nd district Rep. Antonio Floirendo and his girlfriend, Cathy Binag.

Cruz said, “the good speaker has been in the past months has been saying a lot of things which are not very comfortable to listen to for example it all began with his own married life  there seemed to be fight between him and another fellow and another woman and another woman it all started there to me the publicity received by that phenomenon is shameful”

Cruz was asked if he thought that Alvarez’s  bills were motivated by his personal circumstances. He replied. “yes i will understand if he is bitter towards his real wife and he is having another partner in life definitely he will not want a marriage as it should be it should be accoridng to his preferential options i understand him but frankly my heart goes to him i think he is suffering but lately hes been saying things which are not ordinary which are not acceptable”

Alvarez was asked about reactions that his proposals maybe inspired by his own personal experience, Alvarez said in a text message, “let’s ask the public if they also share the same experience. Mine is not important. “

Cruz concedes Alvarez is not the only one in a troubled marriage. “marami yan kung tutuusin pero sabi mo nga maraing may pianggalingan siya may pinahugutan siya i agree with you maraming kasal ang masisira pero ano papadamihin mo pa? wag na lang pakasal bahala na sila sa buhay nila”

aside from Alvarez’s position on marriage,  Cruz also slammed Alvarez for proposing that martial law in Mindanao be extended till the end of the President’s term in 2022. “ikalawa there is also this proposal he made a propsal that Ml will be 5 years sabi ko anuba naman ito where is this man coming from di naman siguro malalim na martial law is not something yung cluck about