President Duterte hsit an all time personal high in his net satisfaction ratings in the latest Social Weather Stations Survey after one year in the nation’s top job.

SWS Fellow and Director for Survey Data Archive Leo S. Laroza, says the latest SWS survey from June 23-26 on 1200 adults shows a record high for the President which is comarable to the honeymoon periods of most of his predecessors.

Duterte posted a net satisfaction rating of +66 in June 2017, compared to +63 in March, +63 in december 2016 and +64 in September 2016.

“we found that net satisfaction rating president duterte to be at +66 this is considered to be very good and this is his personal record high so far it surpassed his previous high of +64 at the start of his term last sept 2016 survey and it is an increase from the previous quarters +63 all in all it is a 4 consecutive quarters of sustained high ne satisfaction rating with a range of very good levels”

Laroza added, “this is a normal honeymoon that compares with other past rpesidents except that of pgma who never had a normal honeymoon this compares with rpesident ramos who had cleraly mre than 1 year honeymoon this compares with president estrada who had one year before he left office this also compares with rpesident noynoy aquino in his first year in office”

Laroza says support for the president went up across all social clases. 

“president duterte’s support continues to be coming from either the lower class e and masa class d but the 3 point increase over all is accounted for all in all across social may increases a lahat regardless of whether youre class abc d or e if you just compare over the past2  quarters there has been a steady incerase in all the classes”

SWS showed 79 percent were satisfied with the President this survey in urban areas, 10 undecided and 11 disastisfied for a net of +68 in rural areas, 77 were satisfied, 10 undecided 13 disastisfied for a net of +63. he had a net satistfaction rating of +59 in class ABC< +66 in class D and +67 in Class E. 

Laroza explains that there were increases in all geographic regions except for Mindanao, ironically the president’s base.  Duterte had a net satisfaction ratring of +63 in NCR, +58 in Luzon, +73 in Visayas and +75 in Mindanao.

Still Laroza explains that the decline in Mindanao is nothing to worry about.  Laroza explains the president alreday ahd very high ratings there to begin with. “this 3 point increase in the net satisfaction rating  came from an increase in the visayas we saw the net satisfaction rating up by 11 points and also in Luzon outside metro manila. those 2 increases those 2 big areas offset the declines that happened in mindanao 12 point decline but nothing to worry about because midnanao has been very high from the beginning in the previous quarter it was an excellent plus 80 NSR now its at excellent plus 75.”

Speaking on Friday’s Mindanao Hour in Malacanang, Palace spokesman Ernesto Abella said that the SWS result “is a clear indication of the growing confidence in the Chief Executive and his performance as the country’s leader.”

“It shows tacit public support to the President’s action following the rebellion in Marawi,” Abella said.

“This positive acknowledgment of the Filipino people further motivates the administration for the restoration of normalcy in Marawi and to start its rehabilitation as well as to bring a comfortable life for all Filipinos including Muslim Filipinos.”

Laroza adds that considering the survey period, the impact of the declaration of martial law in Mindanao may have already been captured in the survey, among other factors. ” there are many factros surely when the survey was conducted it was taking into consideration whats happenning in Marawi”

But  critic Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate warned  the executive from thinking this means the declaration of martial law in Mindanao is popular. “i beg to disagree sa sinabi ni sec abella… hidni pwede iequate na mataas na trust rating ay pagsuporta sa pakanan na pagtahak like declaratruon ng marital law at miliitaristang aksyon.”

generally, the president continues to be viewed positively despite being very controversial. Laroza added, “there are some aspects in the Filipino sentiment that there are positive we might be looking at only the negatives as i said there are many factors that can really affect how people see their leader”

UP Political Science Assistant professor Ranjit Rye thinks similarly. “i think these are very good numbers for the president and on the face of it althouhg the surveys dont tell you what despite a very tumultuous and contrversial year despite th odds the president maintains very good performance ratings in fact it went up pa”

Rye explains the president has been seen as a doer. “i think whether its his eladership style or actual govt initiatives i think the rpesident has been seen as a doer and continues to be seen as a doer by the public a person who they can trust to get the job done”

Zarate concedes the president is reaping the rewards of some of his work. “nagrereflect ito ng mataas pa rin na optimism ng ating mamamayan na pwedeng magdeliver si pang duterte sa kaniyang pinagako nung nakaraang eleksyon meron din naman siya nagawa”

Rye also attributes it partly to the Duterte camp’s  use of social media

“what he president has is a social movement behind him continues to be resilient that continues to be coherent that  continues to be well organzied on social media . that part that non governmantal aspect of the ptesident’s base of support helped him counteract all those other intiatives  

Expectedly, Duterte’s other critics panned the survey. Magdalo rep. Gary Alejano said in a statement, “The surveys are just guide to people’s perception. And people’s Perception is shaped by information they received and things they experienced. Apparently, this admin has succeeded in their propaganda campaign. Thanks to the 1.4B fund of the PCOO. At this stage the people still seem to be giving the president the benefit of the doubt.”

Akbayan rep. Tom Villarin said, “Duterte’s high ratings are expected as his appeal to people’s emotions and insecurities fit into the grand narrative of a creeping authoritarian rule.”

Duterte’s allies however weren’t lacking in their defense of the President. PBA Party List Rep. Jericho Nograles said,”With 78% satisfied, and notably improved ratings in Visayas and Luzon, the numbers validate the support for PRRD’s policies. Hindi pa in full steam ang mga programa pero malakas na ang suporta. I am expecting results To go higher once the build build build is in full force.”

Ako Bicol Party List Rep. Rodel Batocabe said, “Pres. Duterte is sui generis, a unique and one of a kind president. The people trusts him because they know that he speaks from the heart and feels his sincerity. The economy is doing good, inflation and unemployment  are relatively low. The economic outlook is bright and the only pressing challenge is to make this inclusive which can be addressed soonest once infrastructure spending is boost. Unless the surveys are wrong, duterte is a political genius. Despite rabid criticisms, this noisy sector comprise only at the most maximum 22 per cent of the population”

However, Laroza reminds everyone, nothing stays up forever. “it’s a matter of how long can you sustain that so called high theres no telling the coming surveys whether its going to go down or go up.”

Zarate says the president will be held accountable for his promises and commitments as he enters his 2nd year. “unti unti naningil na mamayan nararamdaman na natin kahit napakataas ng trust rating ng presidente halimwbasa sa mindanao bumaba ito dating 83 pero ibig sabihin ang persepsyon ng mamamayan pwede bumaba depende sa kongkretong sitwayson”

Another critic, Ifugao Rep. Teddy Baguilat said, “Well the first year is usually associated with the honeymoon stage.  As a member of the opposition bloc, I hope the President will use his political capital to push the peace talks, a genuine agrarian reform agenda and structural economic reforms. Popularity ratings are not an indication of real change or genuine progress. 

But it’s a powerful tool and I hope it will not be used to move an authoritarian agenda.”

Which why Rye hopes the president can use this political capital to really get more done, as he enters his 2nd year. “this is an improtant base to start the 2nd year”