Pampanga 3rd District Rep. Aurelio Dong Gonzales breaks his silence on the death of his wife Elizabeth in the Resorts World Manila Incident.

Gonzales, an assistant majority leader of the House, spoke at the hearing of the House Committee on Banks on the problems that affected BPI and BDO depositors recently.

“Grief, sadness and anger continue to torment me. The pain of loss is unexplainable. It is a torture every time I remember that tragic night. “

as assistant majority leader, Gonzales gets to sit as an ex officio member of all congressional committees. However he skipped the just reminated congressional probe on the RWM incident. “Much as I want to participate in the hearings, I have decided, after consulting with my children, to voluntarily inhibit myself from the Committee probes and trust the same to the right people. I am entrusting my faith and confidence to the House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, the Majority Floor Leader Rodolfo Farinas, Chairman Romeo Acop, Chairman Gus Tambunting, Chairman Lucy Gomez and rest of the members of the aforementioned committees. “

Gonzales thanks President Rodrigo Duterte, his fellow Representatives, the Executive Secretary, the Cabinet members, senators, r government employees, especially those in the local government of Pampanga — the governor, vice governor, mayors, vice mayors, councilors, barangay captains, board members, and other sectoral groups for mourning with him  at this very difficult time of my life.

Gonzales also extended his sympathies to the families of the other victims. “I am also extending my heartfelt condolence and sympathy to the families who have lost their loved ones during the tragedy. I continue to pray for the full recovery of those who were injured and for the healing of us bereaved family. It is for this reason that I am one with you all in wanting these hearings to be fruitful so that this kind of incident will no longer be repeated.”

Gonzales echoed the sentiments of colleagues that had the victims been rescued in time, they would not have died. Gonzales recalled that his wife’s body was still warm when he saw her inside a body bag.

Gonzales however took the opportunity to speak about the loss of his wife’s belongings and an apparent unauthorized withrdawal from her bank acccount after her death.

Gonzales revealed that some 20 thousand pesos was withdrawn from his wife’s RCBC account on June 5 in 3 separate transactions. “i went to RCBC to collate all the bank accounts of my wife… namatay siya ng june 2nd nakapag ATM ng June 5 on the record this record galing sa RCBC nabigla ang bangko…”

based on records provided by Gonzales to media, 10000 was withdrawn on June 5 at 18:16:01, another 10 thousand at 18:15:12 and  500 pesos at 181646.

Gonzales clarified the initial information he shared with Congressman Johnny Pimentel who had earlier told the committee investigating the RWM that some 25000 pesos was withdrawn without authorization.

the BSP told Gonzales that they will look into the matter.