House Majority Leader Rodolfo Farinas says even former administration critics maybe welcome to join the ruling PDP. This after former members of the LP joined the administration party last week. “your guess is as good as mine ganito yan intiially noon pa lang kauumpisa marami na in fact marami dati di tintanggap ngayon natatanggap dahil time heals wounds.as time goes on medyo sige na”

Farinas expects more politicians to jump to the ruling PDP as the country moves closer to the 2019 midterm elections.”hindi kami nagrerecruitment because the natural tendency is gravitation they gravitate to the party in power im not in the lop when it comes to PDP wala akong ranggos a PDP im an ordinary member i just happen to be the Majority Leader im not an office rof the PDP im a mere member i do not speak for the PDP”

Farinas stresses PDP doesnt need to recruit because people gravitate to the ruling party in a midterm election because of the advantages of being with the ruling party. That’s a fact from previous elections. “hindi naman kami kumukuha sa LP nag aaply sila sa PDP  kami naman nirereview namin ang dami pa  palapit na eleksyon  midterm election ito the president is the head of the PDP magkakaroon ng election sa 2019 siyempre yung iba diyan  andoon yung advantages of the party in power nakita naman natin  since time imemorial maliban nung 2 party system mula nung nagkaroon  ng 1987 constitution whoever is the president andoon ang gravitation  so lahat maski si FVR  ilan lang sila he only got 21% of the votes not long after andoon lahat ganun dins i GMA LP dati kasya lang sila sa volkwagen lumaki ng lumaki nung  nawala yung PDP natural andiyan nagsnowball  malapit na eletcionsa 2019 di lahat gusto sumama  kami very strict kami iniiscreen namin yan  itong road trip namin along the route marami na nanunumpa”

Farinas comfirms he had been approached by congressmen Toff de Venecia and Edgar Sarmiento  for membership in the party.  “i talk to them every day naguusap lang kami naglalambing sila na if and when kailangan pwede ba ikaw sponsor siyempre they always ask me to be their sponsor para mas mabilis yung kanilang entry process naguusap rin kami”

farinas eexplains that party membership has a bearing on the committee membership as well as memberships in the Commission on Appointments and House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal.

Farinas said, “ganito po yun ang computationsa CA is based on party representation i computed it kailangan if any party ahs at least 24 members theyre entitled to one seat kasi nga computation 290 kami ilan ba seats divided by 12 290 divided by 12 ilan na be members 290 293 alam ko 292 divided by 12 seats its 24.33 so basta may 24 may isang upuan sa HRET dahil 6 lang upuan 292 divided by 6 kailangan doon 48 para may upuan ko kung isang partido LP may 32 sila entitled sila ng isang seat bumaba sa 32 tanggal party masaki naaan sila “

Farinas notes this is also why Congressmen Edcel Lagman, an independent , cannot be admitted into the Justice Committee. ” to answer parang si manong edcel sabi niays a hearing ng COJ tagal na nag aaply  ayaw gawing member then he ehard rep acop was just recently elected naelect si romy ako tagal na nagapply memberships a cmte is not by application its by membership  of the parties or allocation oft he parties indepdent walang aprty they dont belong to any alliance they choose not to be aligned wala sIlang obligation tot he majority or the minority why will i make them members ?  because if you ebcome ammeber of a committee you play the role of the majority or minority”

Another example is the case of former Deputy Speaker Gloria Arroyo, who lost membership in all committees when she lost her deputy speakership for voting against the death penalty bill. Arroyo, a majority member, was elected to about 10 committees instead. “di ba nag elect lang ako kahapon narinig niyo namans i GMA was elected into about 10 committees because she requested me since when she was the deputy speaker member siya ng all commitees she had no regular membership  when she lost the position wala na siyang memership sa committee  kaya rudy can i have this she submitted upto 18 yata i gave 10 muna nabigyan din sya yung iba nabibigyan din lumipat ng PDP yung share ng PDP ganiyan”