House Majority Leader Rodolfo Farinas tells Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano and his allies that they cannot use the International Criminal Court to oust President Duterte from office.

Farinas stressed that the ICC is a criminal court of last resort that has no business in the removal of a sitting head of a country. “hindi naman pwede makialam ang ICC makikiaalam ang ICC kung criminal offenses eh yun nga halimabwa kaya nakita niyo allegataions  nagkalat doon ang crimes against humanity crimes against humanity  basahin niyo nilalagay nila para gagamitins a proaganda hintayin nila matapos yung term ni rpesidente charge nila ng crimes against humanity before the criminal courts dadaan kailangan criminal yan after that di aksyunan ng husgado at talagang maliwanag na may ebdiensiya pwede ka pumunta sa ICC  but ICC cannot have any jursidiction about the office of president duterte  kung pinaguusapan aalisin siya sa pwesto o hindi walang pakialan ang sinuman  diyan yan karapatan lamang ng soveriegn filipino people through  their elected representatives kaya nga ho sa impeachment kongreso lang ang pwede house and the senate dahil kami po ang kinatawan  ng taumabayan ang taumbayan lang ang makakaalis sa presidente through us  yan po “

Farinas added, “ICC wala yan ICC criminal court yan  they will have to charge Rodrigo Duterte for criminal offenses, crimes against humanity icharge nila yan pwedeng urder rape charge nila sa korte ngayon kung very clear ang evidence kung macquit yan di ka pwede pumunta sa ICC ICC is court fo last resort sa worldwide global community.”

Alejano responded, ” I respect the opinion of Maj Floor Leader Fariñas re ICCs functions and jurisdiction. However, I do believe otherwise as pres Duterte committed crime against humanity and being a signatory to Rome Statute we are under its jurisdiction.”

For the ranking House leader, it’s obvious that Alejano and his allies have a plan against Duterte, which includes the botched impeachment case he filed against the President at the Lower House.

“tignan niyo bakit niya miandaling ifile ito march 16 bakit mo file yun nakaadjourn kami miandaling finile kasi meron din silang move na nagfile sa ICC during the break when you first brought this matter out  anong sinabi ko lahat naman allegations diyan happened before  rodirgo duterte was president of the PHl youre the best witnesses i said there you can only impeach an official for acts committed in that particular office  kung yung ginawa niya nung mayor siya eh wala na dahil inelect na siya ng mga tao nakita nila “

Alejano said, ” Prior crimes committed of Pres Duterte before becoming a president is included as a way of background info in order to establish a pattern or template perfected in Davao by Duterte. DDS was a local policy elevated as a national policy. The 11000 ghost employees in davao when Duterte was mayor is part of the COA findings which may explain the apparent source of his hidden wealth and properties which were not declared in his SALN now as president. A continuing crime.”

asked if they will now file a perjury case against Alejano for claiming he had personal knowledge of his complaints under oath, Farinas said he might if Alejano proceeds to the ICC. “wala pang instruction si speaker sa akin i dont speak for the house the speaker as head of the hosue pag sinabi niya gagawin namin pag magfile sa ICC baka recommend ko rin para malaman din  naman niya yung kaniyang ginagawa dahil “

Alejano disagreed, “It is not true that ICC is part of the plan in my filing the impeachment complaint against Duterte.”

Farinas points out Alejano and his allies tried to address his initial observation that the impeachment complaint can only tackle matters that happened during the presidency.” oo nga mali kaya naghabol ng supplemental complaint na benham rise na nga dahil yun presidente na si digong  noong nallegations ng benham rise”

Farinas notes that now that the complaint has been dismissed by the justice committee, Alejano now plans to take his case to the ICC, even if impeachment us beyond the ICC “after its been dismissed anong sabi nila we will go to the ICC they have a strategy na sinsuusnod yan ang kanilang startegy  but they ave to udnerstand na yung ICC  is a criminal court criminal court yan kailangan yung ating criminal courts have not acted or refsued to act on the crimes committed by the person yun nga genocide crimes against humanity or war crimes pag yung criminal courts sa jursidiction na yan ayaw aksyunan saka ka pwede pumunta sa ICC eh yung impeachment di naman criminal action ito”

Farinas stressed if Alejano wants to hold Duterte accountable, they should wait out his term, “it is an administrative action to remove the president from office  so maghinaty muna sila kaya nga gusto maimpeach  dahild i mo naman pwede idemanda si presidente while in office kaya nga importante yung  presidente he is immune from suit in office eh kaya maghintay  sila after 6 years pero gusto nila magmadali gusto nila maalis para mafilean nila ng criminal case “

Farinas points out, the impeachment process is really made difficult to prevent harassment cases against sitting officials. ” correct these are rare breed of officials bilangin natin repsident vice president 2 supreme court 15 17 Comelec 7 17 24 9 na yun 6 31 lang out of millions of more than million public officer”

Farinas also twitted critics Senators Leila de Lima and Antonio Trillanes and Congressman Edcel lagman for criticizing his insistence that personal knowledge of the allegations in the complaint is a requirement.  Farinas points out his contention is based on the rules of court concerning verification since verification is a requirement of the constitution. “this is the law on verification which is found in the rules of court rule 7 on the rules of civil procedure ng rules of court under pleadings sec 4 verification nakalagay po diyan … sabi ng batas same sec 4 rule on peladings and verification  a pleading is verified by an affidavit that the affiant has read the pelading and that the allegations there in are true and correct of his personal knowledge or based on authentic records sabi  pa ng batas a pleaidng required to be verified tulad nito it is required to be vrified which contains a verification based on information and belief or upon knowledge information and belief or lacks a proper verification shall be treated as an unsigned pleading”

Farinas says Alejano would have been better off if he was advised to just be an endorser instead of a complainant.

“biggest mistake they should have advised him instead of now saying si sen trillanes pa nga sabi pa niya di yata alam ni  cong farinas ang difference ng testigo at saka complainant di naman po tetsigo at complainant  were talking about the pleading yung impeach complaint kasi po kaya nga we have  impeachment… everyone who wants to avail of the remedy of impeachment should comply with the rules dapat si rep alejano “