A Compressed Workweek bill seeking to reduce by one day the workweek has been approved by the House Committee on Labor.

The bill’s author, Baguio City Rep. Mark Go said the bill will make a compressed work week optional for companies.  Companies that work 6 days can see their workdays cut to 5, and those working 5 days can see their work days down to 4. ” right now under our labor code ang number of workdays per week is 6 days and the hours per day is 8 hours what i propsoed in my bill is to allow employers to go into compressed workweek which means instead of working 8 hours or day  yung employees or more than 8 hours but not to exceed 48 hours a week pwedeng maging 5 days or 4 days “

Go explained, ” if they decide to go on a 4 day work week they have to work 12 hous a day but they will paid only over time kung magexceed yung 48 hours a week. this is voluntary act of the employer they can decide to go on 4 day 5 day or retain yung 6 day workweek”

While this will result in longer work hours, it will also give more days off. ” 12 hours ka but you have rest day for 3 days yun ang advantage you work 4 days youre giuven 3 days resy day that will reinvigorate already working for companies”

Go’s justification? work life balance and cutting down the hassles of traffic.”well ang isa dito flexibility of the company to help them improve their productivity at the same time  this will help yung tinatawag nating work life balance of the employee  if youre working ngayon for example youre from caloocan you work in cavite kung 6ndays ka travel time napakatagal you reduce the  so many times a week from 6 days to 4 days  save even the employees as wella s the employer ito yung advantage traffic”

Go also believes it will cut down the expenses of the companies. at the same time cost, cost on the part of the  employer kasi if you work 4 days you reduce  sa electricity sa tubig and maintenance of the bldg ito yung mga advabtage  nito”

Go recalls the bill was approved by the Committee without objections and will be submitted to the plenary. “very positive actually bill namin approved sa cmte level will be submitted sa plenaryo for 2nd reading ngayon there are several companies that went to compressed  workweek but everytime you do this  kailangan ka ng approval sa DOLE udner this bill because were amending the law di na kailangan approval ng DOLE.”

Go recalls already, government works only 5 days a week, while Congress has a 4 day workweek. “if you note most of the govt agencies are already 5 days a week congress is working 4 days a week  so this is just institutionalizing yung compressed workweek both on the companies atsaka the government maging 4 days but yung oras will be maximum of 48 hours a week”

Go explains currently, companies that go on a compressed workweek schedule have to get permission from the DOLE. “ngayon ka wpede ka magrequest on religious ground for example if your rest day is saturday but your religion says religious rest day is saturday you can request the company to do that its the same thing that will happen here”