Former President, now Pampanga President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo claims vindication after the Supreme Court approved with finality her demurrer to evidence in the plunder case filed against her by the Aquino administration for the alleged misuse of PCSO intelligence funds worth half a billion pesos.

Arroyo said as much in the statement she read to media during an ambush interview after her press conference Thursday. “i am delighted wih the supreme court decision ruling with finality my acquittal of the charges  filed against me with respect to the PCSO case. i feel fortunate that i was given the chance to clear my name . it is truly a vindication. we can now move forward and take stock  of what remains to be done  to help this cirrent administration achieve its goals of giving a better life to all Filipinos.”

The demurrer, granted by the Supreme Court last year, had the same effect as an acquittal. a demurrer is a measure filed by a respondent essentially telling the court that they need not present defense evidence and arguments since the prosecution failed to make its case. an approval by the court means there is no case against the respondent.

moments before her brief address to the media, Arroyo maintained off camera she had no interest in the speakership or in the ongoing fight between House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and davao del Norte rep. antonio Floirendo Jr. Floirendo supposedly wants to make Arroyo speaker of the House. Arroyo was unseated in march as deputy speaker for voting against the death penalty bill.