2 days after the Philippines became the only country still against divorce, House Speaker Sonny Belmonte expressed his support for the measure currently pending before the committee on revision of laws.

“Anyway I didn’t realize we had a divorce bill bound to be another one of those contentious bills .I myself am in favor of it. very difficult to let 2 people who cannot live together continue to live together. I think there are a lot of social problems. I have taken account of them its possible for 2 partners to continue to nurture children kahit diborisyado sila. I think even countries like italy have divorce law not to mention everybody else.”

Belmonte however also sees this as another point of contention with other sectors of society, much like the equally controversial reproductive health Bill.

Belmonte cites the difficulty of getting 2 people who cannot be together to stay together. Belmonte also notes that the process of annulment which is what the Philippines has, has for all intents and purposes acted as a divorce in the Philippines.“Sa tinging ko magiging banggaan naman Maybe not as much as this one (rHbill)\para sa kin isang katerbang taong living together lets try to get them married to each other. Ma-salamiuot ang usapan succeeding in this thing nonetheless a tingin ko mas mabuti yung talagang di na pwede. Pabayaan na natin ,. That’s not anybody’s stand that’s just my personal opinion.”

A divorce law he says would however clarify many things.

“The way annulment is working parang divroce na rin eh. Saka isa pa really ano ba status ng children some are rgown up have families of their own ano naman status nila I think they way we thought of annulment as occasional thing pero ang dami na rin eh almost like substitute or divorce”

Saranggani rep. Manny pacquiao took a conservative stand against the divorce will, on the heels of Malta’s referendum on divorce over the weekend.

In a chance interview with reporters, the pugilist-boxer said he is against it, even as he underscored the importance of the family as an institution. When asked about couples who can no longer make a marriage work, Pacquiao said, that this is why people should not rush into marriage and instead think very hard about it before marrying anyone.

At the same time, Belmonte said that while the plenary continues to deliberate on the divorce law, it will also still pass other measures also considered to be priorities.

“While the RHbill will continue to be discussed there are several things that are almost there. Like for instance bill on 3rd reading with respect to gocc compensation yung amla bill. Several others. Were giving preference or priority to the economic package of the president. “

Belmonte also expressed confidence the senate will pass the bill postponing the ARMM elections. “Were still hopeful that the senate will concur with our bill postponing the armm election though facing hard items there we continue to be confident it will be passed.”

Meanwhile Belmonte said that Ilocos Sur 2nd district Rep-elect Ryan Luis Singson maybe sworn into office as early as today once the HOR secures original documents proclaiming him as the winner of the special election called to replace his brother who resigned last March after being jailed in HK for drugs charges.