Makabayan bloc  congressmen today delivered privilege speeches pressing the release of political prisoners . The release of political prisoners named by the Progressive movement is one of the conditions imposed by the CPP-NPA-NDF for a peace agreement with the Philippine government. Continue reading


Akbayan rep. Tom Villarin delivered a privilege speech at the Lower House where he maintained that the exit of Vice President Leni Robredo from the cabinet was a disservice to the country. Villarin said,”I would agree with her when she said that her stay in President Duterte’s cabinet is “untenable.”  But I would say that her booting was “a great disservice to the Filipino people.” With a few good men and women in public service, she is a great loss to our country and people.Now that she is unshackled from the Duterte administration, she has become a beacon of hope for all Filipinos.  She offers compassion over ruthlessness, justice over “just moving on,” freedom over lies and untruths, and the heart of #EveryWoman. She has no political machinery save for the courage to tread along a path less travelled.” Continue reading


House Committee on Health Chairman Helen Tan clarifies that the reported distribution of condoms to high school students remains a mere plan by the DOH. “actually i talked to sec paulyn  on that  she denied theres a plan  but where to whom theres still planning.  i think its very important tignan natin yung aspeto personal.”

Tan frowned at condom distribution without proper sex education.” sa akin kung sa HS bibigay at wala pong sex education walang pagtuturo muna i tingin ko po ay hindi nararapat/ unahin muna siguro education bago full implementation na bibigay condom. very important po. Continue reading